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About Sonraya


SonrayaPicI have always had a passion and drive to know who I truly am and have enjoyed learning the mysteries of the universe and how we are all connected as one. For nearly 20 years I have helped empower people, especially women, to come in to their full power and potential whilst continuing to be deeply involved in my own healing journey. I have worked individually and with groups and enjoy celebrating the natural rhythms and seasons of our abundant Earth. I am a Keeper of the ancient wisdom of Mother Earth and the Sea and feel privileged to bring their magic and wisdom through to help you deepen your connection with them and to empower you on your journey.

I believe everyone has the power to become who they truly are but often we get stuck and need help in overcoming internal blocks so that our true talents and gifts can fully emerge and blossom. I am a Mother to our two lovely children and enjoy spending quality time as a family, and with our cat Mysty, walking in nature, yoga, writing, cooking and photography.

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