Welcome to Sonraya Grace





Sacred Walks in Nature – beautiful local walks lead by Sonraya to connect you back to Mother Nature and your roots, with meditations to connect you with the elemental nature spirits. Click here for more information.


Meditation Groups – Look out for weekly sessions and courses to learn to relax and rejuvenate and learn how to use the universal energies all around you for positive health and wellbeing. Click here for more information.


Meditation & Spiritual Development Group space to reconnect with yourself on a regular basis and discover more about your true self.  Includes healing to clear and transform your energy so that life becomes easy and you can begin to attract more of what you want in your life.  Click here for more information.


Walking the Sacred Labyrinth – an ancient rites of passage, this powerful symbol is an energetic pathway to discover and heal your inner landscape and create new choices.  Sonraya is passionate about bringing forth ancient pathways for the modern day spiritual warrior. Click here for more information.


Awaken Your Inner Goddess – Within small intimate groups Sonraya journeys with you to connect with your femininity, to awaken dormant gifts and wisdom, to heal the feminine ancestral line to enable you to embrace more of your creative and intuitive powers and the voice to express these. Click here for more information.