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Vision 2018

Vision Your Magnificence

Tuesday 1 May 2018 10-4.30pm


Do you feel the call to connect with your dreams and discover your true heart desires?

Are you someone who has experienced great change in your life and you are now ready to create a new way of being and living? 

Step up and in to all that you are and embrace your full magnificence. It is time to stop and make the changes you’ve dreamed of, to align with who you truly are and who you were born to be. You are supported by the infinite Love and possibilities of the Universe and our Soul’s multi-dimensional nature. NOW is the time!

This day of 1st May is the Celtic Festival of Beltane, a potent time when the God and Goddess in nature come together in Unity to birth their young. So it is within us too – a merging of our combined Divine feminine and masculine forces that join together to create a third. In our case this is the birthing of what we can call our ‘children projects’, new ideas and aspects of ourself being reborn. It is a time to awaken the forces of our most passionate nature and what stirs our heart to move us in to focussed and purposeful action. 

So this day of Visioning your Magnificence is a perfect day to create anew and fresh with the Spring energies at their most potent.

Workshop Description:

A beautiful space awaits you where you are invited to go within to Discover, Transform and Awaken to your full potential in this moment. You will be supported to heal and rejuvenate ready to spring forward with a renewed sense of passion and clarity for your journey ahead. Spring is the perfect time to do this.

This sacred workshop includes self-exploration through guided meditation and healing journeys allowing you space to connect deeper within to the store house of treasures and gifts waiting to be discovered and later birthed.

Outdated thought forms and patterns are gently released and transformed allowing space for the TRUE you to emerge and later blossom.  

You will then take your time to ground your vision and ideas by creating your very own Soul Vision that will offer you the imagery and words to inspire you each day to follow your chosen path.

What’s included:

  • Relax in sacred space and feel contained within the presence of the Divine Mother as you reflect on your life and discover what your heart truly desires. This profound ‘holding’ allows you to feel safe to go deeper within and discover more of who you truly are.
  • Enjoy the powerful and magical energies of the Five Sacred Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Great Spirit to assist your transformation of the old and to support you in reconnecting with your true passion and desires.
  • Experience a guided shamanic drum journey to prepare you to discover your vision and path for 2018.
  • Have fun creating your own delicious Soul Vision that expresses your heart’s desires with passion and vibrancy, using collage, pens, pictures, paints to ground your ideas and visions so that you can continue to build on them through the year.
  • Your investment:

£75 payable in advance.

Includes a nourishing vegetarian lunch. Spaces limited. Max 5 people.


At my Healing Sanctuary at my home in Lower Parkstone, Poole, Dorset BH14. Full address is provided on booking.

Contact me on 07802 769030 or email at office@sonrayagrace.com for enquiries and to book your space.