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Distance Healing



Healing can be sent across time and space to you in the relaxation of your own home so if you are not able to come personally to see me you can book a healing session at a date and time to suit you.

What’s involved?

At the time of your healing session we suggest that you lie down and relax in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed for 45 mins/1hour.

You may like to create your own sacred space with soft music and candlelight and set your own intentions for healing.

Feedback after the session is available via email.

Your investment:

£60 payable in advance.

To book:
Please email me with your name and date of birth and your preferred date and time you would like to receive the healing.

Contact: me at office@sonrayagrace.com


Spring & Autumn Equinox Healing (March & September)

Attune to the Energies for Maximum Benefit

The Equinox signals an important and powerful, energetic change in the cycle of the Earth which you can capitalise upon for your own healing and personal growth. 

The Spring Equinox occurs around the 21 March and signals the beginning of springtime and new beginnings.  The Autumn Equinox occurs around the 20/21 September and signals the final harvest and the beginning of fall and letting go.

The Equinox is a pivotal turning point in the calendar when everything comes in to balance – day and night, light and dark is in equilibrium. 

This is an ideal opportunity to receive the support of these energies to bring you to a place of inner balance and harmony. 

In these unique healing sessions, you are attuned to the energies of the Equinox.  The energies will work to re balance you in many areas of your life such as your inner and outer level of activity, your divine feminine and divine masculine, your yin and yang, your light and dark.

I work with both the Cosmic universal energies and the Earth’s Green Ray to balance and harmonize your energy.

The Green Ray is a powerful energy of the Earth which will aid your personal transformation and rejuvenation. Attuning to the energies at the time of the Equinox enables you to receive the most beneficial energies for your highest good.  

Equinox healing sessions are available face to face or received distantly in the comfort of your own home.

What’s involved?

You can receive your Equinox healing in the comfort of your home.  We can agree a time to suit you for maximum benefit and comfort.  You may like to create your own sacred space with soft music and candlelight and set your own intentions for healing.

Feedback is available afterwards via email. 

Your investment:

Distantly: £60 payable in advance

To Book Your Session:

Contact: Sonraya at office@sonrayagrace.com or call on 07802 769030 to arrange a suitable time.