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Creating new pathways


Do you wish to embody more heart and soul in your daily life?
Would you love to create a major breakthrough in your life that is both graceful and sustainable?
During these accelerating times of extreme energy shifts and planetary movements when more Light is flooding our planet than ever before, many of us sensitive Souls are experiencing intense clearings and re-surfacing of old patterns in order to shed the layers of limitation and duality that blocks our alignment to Who We Truly Are and our Divine presence.  Many of us are clearing not just for ourselves but for our ancestors too, both past and for our future children.  
Creating New Pathways is a dedicated, unique package I’ve designed just for you, to create that huge shift in your relationship with yourself and your life!  This will give you ongoing support, hi-vibrational healing and transformation to move through these changes with grace and ease and with a profound sense of unconditional love that is the holding presence of the Divine Mother.
You will be guided to:
  • Focus on your biggest challenges and your desired outcomes
  • Get to the root of the issue
  • Gracefully transform limiting patterns, beliefs and emotions 
  • Retrieve any lost soul parts and integrate
  • Work at your pace and find your own natural rhythm and Soul ‘note’
  • Bring more soul in to your physical body so that you experience more peace, love, inner confidence and strength to manifest your desired life purpose 
  • Experience a complete transformational process over a 12 week period held within the hi-vibrational frequency of Divine Love and Grace
What’s included:
  • 6 x 1 1/4 hours shamanic soul journey/healing sessions taken over a 12 week period, roughly every fortnight
  • Face to face in Poole or over Skype or Telephone works just as effectively
  • Weekly email and energetic support between sessions to ‘hold’ you in a perfect healing space throughout your 12 week healing journey, using the Flower of Life holographic field
  • A free 30 minute pre and post follow-up consultation over the telephone or Skype to get clear of your outcomes and to review and integrate your healing journey at the end

“ Sonraya’s care is amazing. It is rare to find someone with whom you can feel so safe, and held and insightful with. Her work has consistently provided a great deal of insights that have helped me to make big changes in my life. She is for me a ‘go-to’ person as part of my well-being and growth care. I can not recommend her enough. “

Krishan Ramyead, Thrive Chiropractic

Your Investment:
Payable in 3 x £222 instalments
Are you ready to bring your Soul to Earth?
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To Book: contact Sonraya at email: office@sonrayagrace.com