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The stresses of modern day living are cleansed away as you enter a beautiful stillness within, allowing you the space to hear the quiet wisdom of your Soul.

I love to create a safe, sacred space where you can relax and unwind from the daily stresses of life and reconnect with a deep sense of inner peace and balance.

I channel a clear, healing energy direct from Source and the Earth working with the Four Directions of the Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit to bring you in to alignment with your true self.  I work intuitively with my healing teams and your higher self as well as your guides to facilitate the most beneficial outcome.

My unique healing sessions offer you space:

– to relax and unwind from daily stress and support you with life’s challenges

– reconnect and align you with your Soul to bring forth your higher wisdom

– to be cleansed on all levels of your being – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

– to re-balance and harmonise your aura and chakras, to bring you inner peace and calm

– to ground and align you to the heart of Mother Earth to support you in building a strong, secure foundation.

– to align you with your Divine blueprint and your soul’s path.

An important aspect of my healing is to help you reconnect with your Soul essence and to enable you to embody the fullness of your Soul’s energy.  This process will help you embrace your ancient wisdom and gifts and with a strong connection to Mother Earth will help you to feel secure to manifest your purpose and follow your heart’s calling.

Your Investment:


Session is 1 hour 30 minutes

What does a healing session involve?

We first of all discuss the current issues you would like help with and begin to look at what might be happening energetically.  This gives space for new insights to arise that increase your self awareness of the limiting patterns and the root cause to these, often passed down from your ancestors for you to clear.  You are then invited to lie down and relax fully clothed on the couch.  You are gently guided in to a deep, relaxed state where you can let go whilst being cocooned in a space of Divine love and grace.

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To book your one to one healing session or to discuss how healing can help you:
Please email me at office@sonrayagrace.com or call me on 07802 769030.


Shamanic Soul Journeys

Further exploration of long standing unconscious patterns and transformation of these are available with inner journey work. Please see Shamanic Soul journeys

Healing for Young People (age 8-18 years)
For young people who struggle to cope with school, with exams and friendships and who want to find a stronger sense of self. Healing helps to reduce anxiety and supports the person in returning to a positive state of mind. A safe space to feel loved and listened to.

Session – 1 hour £66

Healing for Pregnant Mums and New Mums

Prepare for a calm and relaxed birth with healing with the Divine Mother to hold you in a safe and nurtured space. Once the baby has arrived receive healing to rebalance and harmonise, ease pain and help the body heal itself. Develop a strong, loving bond with your new born. Receive in the comfort of your own home.

Session – 1 hour 30 minutes at £99

Equinox healing sessions are available distantly £60 or face to face. For more information please click here
What people say?

‘Your healing session brought me bright lights and made me feel calm and clean as if a rebirth was beginning deep, inside of me’ Christie

‘Sonraya is the most amazing therapist and has a wonderful talent for healing.  I feel so blessed to have met her on my path’

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Sessions are available at:

Sonraya’s Healing Sanctuary in Parkstone, Poole

To book your one to one healing session or to discuss how healing can help you:
Please call Sonraya on 07802 769030 or email her office@sonrayagrace.com