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Shamanic Soul Journeys

Integrating the light and the dark aspects is how we truly move towards our authentic self and become whole.

ShadowShamanic Soul Journeys

‘One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.’ Carl Jung

Our shadow is merely the parts of ourselves that we have kept hidden over the years such as our fears, our sadness, our hurts and our anger. These are energies that have become stuck or supressed in our bodies and energy fields because we have not had the space or felt safe to release or express them.

Although hidden and unconscious for the most part they can still affect how we think, feel and respond to situations today. Quite often it is another person or a challenging situation that will ‘trigger’ old feelings that are brought to the surface because at some level we are still holding on to that place of trauma or unresolved feeling. We can choose to push these emotions away or we can view them with compassion and seek support to heal, transform and release to bring freedom and movement.


Soul Loss and Retrieval

You may also feel excessive tiredness, depression, feel anxious or perhaps feel a sense of loss or feel that something is missing in your life. This can be as a result of what we call Soul loss. This happens when something traumatic happens to us such as in an accident. The part of yourself that goes in to shock and trauma is energetically withdrawn to keep your vital life force safe, while you had to deal with the immediacy of the situation. However unless we revisit that place again, to heal the shock and trauma, to revisit our thoughts and beliefs and reintegrate back in to our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body you won’t have access to all that life force and the wisdom and gifts it holds.

This can apply to situations from our childhood which we weren’t able to handle as a way of keeping emotionally safe. Soul loss can occur across many lifetimes. You will know if there is a sense of soul loss and you will be guided at the right time to seek a soul retrieval journey.

When we journey together to retrieve lost soul parts people often describe the experience as like ‘coming home’ to thyself.

What does a shamanic soul journey involve?

In a soul journey session, you are held within a profoundly safe and loving space. We work at your pace; only what is ready to be healed comes to the surface naturally. With honesty, love and forgiveness we lovingly embrace and help release the vital life force that has become stuck so that you are free to express the whole and true nature of your wisdom and gifts. To discover what is included in a session and the many benefits, Read more ….




Who are Shamanic Soul Journeys for? Click here ….


As with the beautiful butterfly a magical process of great transformation occurs whilst cocooned in a safe healing space.



Life is a continual spiral of death and rebirth. We can see this in the change in the cycles of the Earth. So it is for us too. During the shamanic journey process you are encouraged to find your own natural rhythm where you can find a renewed sense of balance and flow. This brings greater contentment and inner peace.




Sessions last 1 hour to 1 ¼ hours.



Sonraya’s Healing Sanctuary in Lower Parkstone, Poole

Also over the telephone or Skype sarah.sonraya.grace.

Booking and payable in advance.

To Book:

Contact Sonraya at email: office@sonrayagrace.com or telephone 07802 769030


Sonraya helped me find the person I always was. The person I lost through grief and anxiety. Sonraya held the space to allow me to flow in my natural rhythm of life, to feel settled and complete.” (Shamanic journeys)

“After trying many different therapies spending time and money, I still found myself searching for who I was, as I felt very lost on this earthly world. I decided to see Sonraya and go on a shamanic journey to connect to my Soul on a level which I had never done before. I dedicated my time to a number of sessions over a long period to work through the layers of self-discovery, to understand the patterns I had been repeating, and find my true self. Through the Shamanic journeys with Sonraya I gained understanding and an acceptance of who I was and healed old patterns and beliefs, all of which have given me amazing personal growth, happiness and an understanding of my own Soul’s journey. Lisa