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Introductory Sessions – 9 Month Programme

Bookings for the next 9 month programme is now OPEN

A powerful 9 Month Programme of transformation to dive deeply to reclaim your true power as a Woman.

Starts 10 November 2018 – 27 July 2019

​Receive a free Guided Meditation Download to connect with your Sacred Feminine When You Book an Introductory Session!

  • Are you a woman who is searching for something more in your life?
  • You feel there is something missing, something more of your power and creativity that wants to rise and be expressed.
  • Like many women, you are a woman who has struggled to value yourself and stand up for what you want.
  • You would love to experience a deeper self-love and acceptance and develop a healthier balance and harmony in your relationships.

This has been my personal journey too so I can relate to how you feel.  Through years of deep healing and transformation I’ve come to love and believe in myself more fully and come to a place of empowered strength and self-love.

NOW I am here to help you do the same.

Are you ready for change, to embark on a journey of wonder, healing, challenge and transformation?

This is a loving and powerful journey that will facilitate your beautiful and timely unfolding, of coming back to who you truly are.

Woman with Sun - 9 Month Programme Intro Session

Introductory Sessions

Come meet other women and myself in a loving and supportive, sacred space.

Discover if this 9 Month Programme is for you.

  • You will benefit by:

    • Understanding what is the sacred/divine Feminine and where you may be in or out of balance in your life
    • Connect in with your feminine and begin to understand her needs and desires
    • Experience a drum journey to connect with your guides and begin your healing journey
    • Understand the importance of the Wheel of the Year to connect and align with your own feminine rhythm and power.
    • An outline of the 9 Month Programme and time for questions and answers

Full Details of the 9 Month Programme here

The maximum number of places for the 9 Month Programme is currently six.  There will be a joint selection process to explore whether this is the right programme for you, either over telephone or Skype.

Dates and Venues:

2- 5pm

Saturday 15 September Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre

Saturday 22 September at Sarpenela (Autumn Equinox of Rebalance)

Saturday 6 October at Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre

Closing date for applications 20 October 2018

Single Booking
£25.00 Payment via Paypal

Bring a Friend
£40.00 Payment via Paypal

​Venue Addresses

Sarpenela Natural Therapy Centre

Farnham Farmhouse, Farnham 


Dorset DT11 8DG

Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre

14 Trinity Street,