Welcome to Sonraya Grace

The Pinnacle of Atlantis (and Her Guardians)

Saturday 13 October 10 am – 5.00 pm

This is a powerful and magical day working with the Atlantean Council of Light and the magical Unicorns to bathe in the beautiful Light and colours of the Healing Temples of Atlantis to aid your ascension.

I am being called to bring through the Golden energies of Atlantis, another wave and level of healing Light and brilliance to aid your ascension, that will help you release karmic ties and remember the true glory and beautiful light and joy of Atlantis that is ready to be anchored now in to our dear Planet.

This will help open up your pathway even further, enabling you to hold higher vibrations of light and joy that will benefit you and your community. Joy is the higher vibration of Love and it is joy that will uplift you out of the heavier energies and burdens you have been carrying that will gently dissolve.

You will bathe in the beautiful Light and colour of the etheric Healing Temples of Atlantis, where your energies will recalibrate, where karmic ties you are ready to release are resolved and healed, where you will remember the glory of those times and bring them through to experience in your energetic and physical body so that you can recall the gifts you once had.

We will be anchoring these gifts of light in to your heart and Merkabah that will gradually integrate in to your physical form to smooth your path, so you can share your gifts with others and remember your true purpose here.

Woman Transcend - Sonraya Grace

Workshop includes:

- Bathe in the Healing Temples of Atlantis, full of Healing Light and Colour

- We will visit the Great Crystalline Temple of Poseidon and Temples of Truth and Wisdom to align you with the truth of who you are.

- Meet your Guardian Unicorn(s) who will be with you throughout the day and will stay with you afterwards. Learn how to merge with them to strengthen and purify your spirit.

- Release karmic ties gently and gracefully so you feel free to move forwards on your spiritual path

- Release implants that were used to keep you 'asleep' until this time of awakening

- Expand your heart with pure Love and raise your vibration.

-Begin to awaken the spiritual gifts you once had in the Golden Age of Atlantis and anchor these in your Merkabah

- We will anchor the new frequencies of Light in to your heart and Merkabah and in to the Earth Grid.

- Support the healing of your inner child and awaken your magical child remembering your true innocence and purity.

-Receive your own Quartz Pyramid crystal that will be programmed with the day's Atlantean energies for you to continue working with after the workshop.


  • Release stuck energy and old patterns that keep you from moving forward
  • Feel free and open to follow your chosen path
  •  Awaken latent gifts and wisdom that you held in Atlantean times for use in this life time
  • Feel uplifted and energized by the colour and healing light of Atlantis
  • Discover new ways to heal yourself and with others

The Masters who will be overseeing this special day are:

Lord Melchizedek, Father of the Angels,

Archangel Hilarion, Master of the Green Ray and of the Atlantean Temple of Healing and Truth.

The Federation of the Council of Light, Atlantis

The Magical Unicorns with their pure Light and freedom of spirit.

Plus other beautiful Archangels and beings of light

There are limited places so please contact me soon to enquire and book your space.

Contact me via office@sonrayagrace.com to enquire and book.

Your Investment for the day:


Payable in advance by bank transfer.


The New Forest Tree of Life Gift and Wellbeing Centre, Victoria Road, Ferndown BH22 9HU

Please bring your own lunch and snacks and water for the day. Refreshments of herbal teas will be available for you through the day.

I am an Intuitive Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher whose purpose is to support individuals and the collective in awakening and remembering their true heart and purpose, helping you to live with love, joy and abundance.

I love to work deeply with the Earth and her rhythms to bring healing to harmonise and balance both the sacred feminine and sacred masculine whilst also working with the higher vibrational energies to anchor these in the earth plane, aiding your ascension process.

I led the development of the Healing Temples in Atlantis and I’m being called again now to bring through their amazing colour and beauty for all to benefit.

Colour light - Sonraya Grace