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This 33 minute guided Shamanic Journey will guide you lovingly and safely to gently rest with the Dark Mother who will help you to release and let go of old patterns, emotions, situations and habits that are ready to go. 

You will also be guided to connect with your Ancestors to heal the Mother and Father ancestral lines.

An ideal time to do this is on or around Samhain 31 October and any time during the winter months or when you want to work with your shadow.

The Cauldron or Holy Grail is closely associated with Samhain.  It is considered feminine and is the cosmic container for all life and death, of transformation and rebirth.

Create your Sacred Space

Create a magical space in candlelight.

Make sure you have plenty of time after the Meditation to rest and relax.

You can do this either sitting or lying down.

Music Credit – Cave of Elders – A Soul Journey for Women by Carolyn Hillyer

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Fire Ceremony


Do you ever get that overwhelming feeling when you have too much going on in your life that you don’t know where to start?

Here is a short meditation that will help you ‘Call Back’ your energy to feel:-
•Connected to your power centre
• Balanced and whole
•Grounded, anchored and more energised
•Peaceful and calm

Sonraya Grace - Journey To Meet The Dark Mother